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In the search for enlightening information, here is an awesome list of expansive documentaries from a few different websites. 1. Home (2009) 2. Thrive (2011) 3. Paradise or Oblivion (2012) 4. Love, Reality and the Time of Transition (2011) 5. Earthlings (2005) 6. Everything You Know Is Wrong (2000) 7. Fluoride: The Hard to Swallow Truth 8 Since the time of Plato, the human understanding of the universe has moved through two epoch-defining paradigms. These are the view of the universe as a grea.. A documentary about consciousness and who we really are. October 28, 2020 Camein. There is so much more than meets the eye. In this documentary, you can listen to experts in the field of consciousness and multi-point-of-view research about it, neuroscientists, meditators,. Here Are 25 Spiritual Movies That Every Seeker Must Watch: In no particular order, check out our list of top 25 spiritual movies . . . 1. Samsara (2011) This non-verbal documentary is a mind-blowing exploration of humanity and our role in our realities. 2

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The checker shadow illusion clearly shows that consciousness constructs different colors for A and B when they are in fact the same color. For second place, there are interesting shows on the brain featuring Alan Alda and VS Ramachandran: Amazon.com: NOVA: Secrets of the Mind: .: Movies & TV Documentary films are currently one of the best ways to assimilate both the cinematic aspects and the questions raised, becoming increasingly popular, even in classrooms. Psychology documentaries provide great examples of problems, conceptions and theoretic principles, based on real human experiences PressPausePlay: Art and Creativity in the Digital Age. 6. Infamy: A Graffiti Documentary. 7. Influencers: How Trends and Creativity Become Contagious. 8. RIP: A Remix Manifesto. 9. Connecting: Trends in UI, Interaction, & Experience Design

Throughout the Conscious Media Resource Library you will find our recommendations for content that stimulates and has the ability to assist you in that awakening journey. Movies about consciousness, or movies with a consciousness edge, are explored in this section. The degree and context in which they explore or focus on consciousness will vary Documentaries Guaranteed To Expand Your Consciousness. Home (2009) Thrive (2011) Paradise or Oblivion; Love, Reality and the Time of Transition; Earthlings(2005) DMT: The Spirit Molecule (2010) Baraka (1992) Samsara (2011) Samadhi Maya, the Illusion of the Self (2017) Samadhi It's Not What You Think (2017 The fundamental nature of reality is actually consciousness. In his documentary Peter Russell explores the reasons why consciousness may be the fundamental essence of the Universe. Many have made such claims from metaphysical perspectives, but the possibility has always been ignored by the scientific community

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  1. Documentary BBC What Is The Consciousness- Does Reality Exist About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features.
  2. Gaia's must-watch documentary collection brings you eye-opening films from around the globe to inform, awaken and inspire you. Our filmmakers take a deep dive into a variety of subjects. We offer documentary films on climate change, mental health, real-life phenomena, world religions, and more
  3. Consciousness Documentaries Be the change you want to see in the World -Mahatma Ghandi If we want world peace, we must truly let go of our attatchments and live like nomads. Thats where I no mad at you, you no mad at me. That way, there'll surely be no madness on the planet. And peace begins with each of us
  4. d blowing documentaries we could find across the digital landscape (Read part 2 here).Compiling just 10 is difficult so we've created a full list of recommended documentaries with summarised ratings here.There will be weekly additions to our documentary and film page so keep an eye out and if you have any films you'd like to recommend, please comment with.
  5. A documentary by Anthony Chene : http://www.anthonychene.comHow can we overcome our fears? How do we reconnect with our intuition? What is the power and mag..
  6. (Watch in 1080p HD for best quality)LIKE. COMMENT. SUBSCRIBE. SHARE.Thank you for offering your time and attention in watching this documentary!If you'd like..
  7. This documentary focuses on experiments exploring what is known by researchers as psi phenomena. These are anomalous extended properties of consciousness that have been measured under experimental conditions by highly qualified scientists. Their existence signal far-reaching implications to our understanding of both consciousness and reality itself

11 Consciousness-Raising Documentaries For Spiritual

  1. Living Universe - Documentary about Consciousness and Reality | Waking Cosmos. Categories Documents, Ideas and Reference Post navigation. Previous Post Previous William Blake Documentary. Next Post Next Starterra - Celestial. Ideas and References. Contents Intranet Next Meetup Recent Meetups. Search for: Search
  2. 2017 Documentary ~ Consciousness and Reality ~The Self Excited Circuit | Waking Cosmos Epi - The Be. YsamoErnest2404. 7:14. We Are From The Future - Consciousness Drives The Universe Awakening Documentary Science Kept Hidden. Science n Knowledge Channel
  3. I should note that I am very open to such ideas as a universal consciousness, I am playing with the centrifugal fields of the OptiMystical Universe and I really want a documentary filmed that highlights this Over The Sun realization. Peace of Pi, David Hargrave 1 800 ANGELIC. Verokomo - July 12, 2010 at 6:07 pm Reply
  4. Human Consciousness BBC Documentary Mind Science. Videoupload Tl. 58:30 [BBC Science Documentaries] Next Future Robotics Technology - New Mind Blow Documentary HD. DOCUMENTARY. 52:55 [BBC Science Documentary 2015] The Phenomenon of Money and Human Psychology Documentary. Bgnh Erdf2015

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  1. An online film archive to watch films (documentaries, short films, talks & more). Promote films here and join the mission to promote global consciousness. Believe in yourself who sees the future to be united and harmonious, for the wellbeing of all
  2. For this documentary, the directors, crew, and several subjects spent 16 months undercover, investigating the poaching of elephants and smuggling of ivory to China, ivory's biggest market. With plenty of deception and risk, this film is a thrill to watch, but it's also a stark warning to governments that if they don't do more to address this problem, elephants could be facing extinction.
  3. Docs for all the armchair astronauts, pondering physicists & precocious paleontologists. CuriosityStream has docs to enlighten the whole family. Subscribe for just $1.67 a month
  4. A list of 117 films compiled on Letterboxd, including Home (2009), Thrive: What on Earth Will it Take? (2011), Paradise or Oblivion (2012), Earthlings (2005) and Zeitgeist (2007). About this list: Documentaries about Science, Consciousness, ETs, you name it. It's a smorgasbord of fascinating subjects to learn about

Here is a list of over 180+ documentaries you can watch for free online to expand your consciousness. They are about Science, Consciousness, ETs, you name it. It's a smorgasbord of fascinating subjects to learn about new things you are interested in. Watch these documentaries to expand your consciousness and your mind Mythos by Joseph Campbell. Spirituality and religion in a nutshell, which will save you from much wandering in the forest. The Brain with David Eagleman. Welcome to the plurality of selves inhabiting your virtual world. Cosmos. We are stardust..

Free Online Spiritual Documentaries: Self-development videos, Full-Length Consciousness Movies. Spirituality, Esoteric, New Age Documentary Downloads (202) - Free Online Spiritual Documentaries to Watch. This website offers you Articles, E-Books, Sacred Texts. Consciousness and the Mystery of Existence - Documentary about Consciousness and Reality (2020) Share this & earn $10. metaRising Published at : 09 Dec 2020 . Subscribe to metaRising. 341625 views . 9913 . 291 . An ancient idea is that the mystery of consciousness and the mystery of existence are deeply connected Human Consciousness BBC Documentary Mind Science. Ldata0003. 58:30 [BBC Science Documentaries] Next Future Robotics Technology - New Mind Blow Documentary HD. DOCUMENTARY. 52:55 [BBC Science Documentary 2015] The Phenomenon of Money and Human Psychology Documentary. Bgnh Erdf2015 Stop skipping over these amazing Netflix documentaries. Watch on: Netflix US, Brazil, Japan, and more About a sushi master and his son running their restaurant. It's a simple documentary, but.

The Living Universe - Documentary about Consciousness and

A tragic and haunting documentary, Joshua Oppenheimer's The Look of Silence showcases the painful aftermath of the 1965 and 1966 Indonesian Genocide through the lens of a surviving family. The film, nominated for an Academy Award and released in 2014, is important, educational, and a must-see to learn more about Indonesia and the effects of genocide on a society Home › Awakening and Consciousness › The Living Universe - Documentary about Consciousness and Reality | Waking Cosmos. The Living Universe - Documentary about Consciousness and Reality | Waking Cosmos By TS on January 13, 2020 • ( 0). The saying As above so below didn't just fall out of somebody's ass Speaking of Neil deGrasse Tyson, our favourite astrophysicist presents the latest discoveries about time and space in this follow up from the documentary series Cosmos (with Carl Sagan in 1980).Produced by Fox and National Geographic, this series of small documentaries are truly binge-watch worthy. Narrator Neil DeGrasse Tyson explains the complexity of the universe in a way that is both. consciousness documentaries on netflix Biographical documentaries appear to be something of a trend these days. Rebecca Dayan talks to BAZAAR.com about playing Elsa Peretti in 'Halston,' working with Ewan McGregor, and filming those Studio 54 scenes PHI is a documentary about the evolution of consciousness. Take a journey with some of the world's most renowned experts in spirituality, psychology, and philosophy as we unravel the ego, embark on a journey of self-discovery, and ultimately find and share a path to mindful existence

10 Existential Documentaries To Watch If You Like Netflix's Surviving Death. Fans of Netflix's existential documentary Surviving Death might be on the lookout for similarly thought-provoking titles to watch later The Living Universe - Documentary about Consciousness and Reality. Share This Article. Share on Facebook. Share via Tweet. Share via Email. Nature of Reality The Awakening The Matrix #universe. Latest Articles Article. See you at the next fantastic freedom march in Lon.. consciousness documentary space documentary Transhumanism Documentary. TOP 8 SHOPIFY TRENDING PRODUCTS 2020 (Sell This Now) Simple Subjects and Complete Subjects - Video and Worksheet 'Taking You Higher Pt. 2' (Progressive House Mix) Ignore Family Watch Football. WILL WE RECONCILE? WHEN. World of Consciousness is a platform for conscious knowledge, mind science, spirituality and uplifting, inspiring and truthful information Electromagnetic energy in the brain enables brain matter to create our consciousness and our ability to be aware and think, according to a new theory developed by Professor Johnjoe McFadden from.

Biographical documentaries appear to be something of a trend these days. The Best Zombie Movies & Shows on Netflix Vietnam and an awakening political consciousness--which, according to music journo David Hepworth, In fact, there is quite a bit of evidence to demonstrate that indeed consciousness is not a byproduct of the brain, but rather that the brain is simply a tool of consciousness—a biocomputer, if you will—and that when the body dies, consciousness continues to exist in different forms, and, in documented cases of reincarnation, in different bodies as well I AM is an utterly engaging and entertaining non-fiction film that poses two practical and provocative questions: what's wrong with our world, and what can we do to make it better? The filmmaker behind the inquiry is Tom Shadyac, one of Hollywood's leading comedy practitioners and the creative force behind such blockbusters as Ace Ventura, Liar Liar, The Nutty Professor.

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A documentary about consciousness and who we really ar

Consciousness, at its simplest, is sentience or awareness of internal and external existence. Despite millennia of analyses, definitions, explanations and debates by philosophers and scientists, consciousness remains puzzling and controversial, being at once the most familiar and most mysterious aspect of our lives. Perhaps the only widely agreed notion about the topic is the intuition that. Documentary Description. An interview with Stuart Hameroff. Consciousness and brain function are discussed in layman's terms. Hameroff has worked with mathematician Roger Penrose to map neurological brain function to the world of quantum mechanics The Academy Awards are finally behind us, so it may be time to check out some of the best documentary films on Hulu to feed your film fire

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Top 25 Spiritual Movies + Documentaries Every Seeker Must Se

The documentary emphasizes proof of life after death, but it mixes the debunked, Upon regaining consciousness, she felt she had a chance at a new beginning The Global Consciousness Project is an international, multidisciplinary collaboration of scientists and engineers. We collect data continuously from a global network of physical random number generators located in up to 70 host sites around the world at any given time Netflix documentaries like 'What the Health' and 'Icarus' are fascinating, emotional explorations of personal stories and health issues facing the world today

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The documentary first explores close encounters with death, interviewing subjects who share harrowing stories of the times they drowned or flatlined. The show explains how consciousness as we know it quickly comes to an end seconds after the brain's cerebral cortex stops receiving blood flow, measured through the absence of brain activity The new documentary THE RIGHTS OF NATURE: A GLOBAL MOVEMENT focuses on a growing... Psychedelics. Live Learn Evolve is an independent conscious media platform. We aim to drive the emergence of a more conscious humanity. Support Live Learn Evolve get access to our exclusive members area Documentaries can open windows to our past. Through the lens of talented filmmakers, we can re-live iconic moments in history like the 1963 March on Washington or climb aboard a Greyhound bus to. Expand your consciousness and go #tripping with humanity's most out-there sects. 17 September 2013. Text Zing Tsjeng. Right now, however, open your third eye and take a spiritual journey with these top documentaries on the world's most infamous cults, communes and extreme sects. Read More CuriosityStream has thousands of documentaries that enlighten, entertain & inspire, all for just $20/year. What are you curious about

Quotes on Documentary (Many of these quotes were originally posted at Reel Life Stories: Documentary Film and Video Collections in the UC Berkeley Library's Media Resources Center. We think of film as a bullet that ignites consciousness We must serve as the stone that breaks silence, or the bullet that starts the battle From films on inequality to the criminal justice system, these are the best social justice documentaries and movies streaming right now The Last Dance documentary as an analogy for Meditation & Awareness. Q: WHAT is your thoughts on DEATH? Do you think consciousness is separable from this meat suit? Or is it some kind of energy that lives on? What Is The Dark Night Of The Soul and what did it feel like for you? 2nd Path (July - September 2019 Consciousness and the Mystery of Existence - Documentary about Consciousness and Reality 24:25. An ancient idea is that the mystery of consciousness and the mystery of existence are deeply connected. Today there are a number of respected physicists and philosophers who take this possibility seriously. In this. To learn about the history of feminism, modern injustices, and political affairs, here are 13 feminist documentaries on Netflix everyone should watch

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The Healing Field explores breakthroughs in the fields of energy medicine, quantum physics, DNA and genetics, and the biochemistry of emotions. We see how the old conventional healthcare models, that have relied on surgery and prescription drugs are being challenged by a wave of dramatic, non-invasive mind-body and energy-based healing techniques The documentary focused on near-death experiences, human consciousness. It also focuses on the [] Read more. Posted on 2021/05/27 under Consciousness, Movies, Spirituality. Listen To The First Howls Of A Wolf Pup In Minnesota. With everything going on in the world its easy to forget about the wonders of nature

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Here is our review of the Urban Monk Pedram Shojai's new documentary Prosperity.But before we get into that, a bit on our mindset. Here on Cool To Be Conscious, we are proponents of being conscious, active participants in our lives, the impact we have and the choices we make. We're woke, or at least try to be in every facet of our lives.We have to try because the alternative is to allow. Consciousness is the ability to be present in your life in every moment, without judgment of you or anyone else. It is the ability to receive everything, reject nothing, and create everything you desire in life - greater than what you currently have, and more than what you can imagine

This documentary gives health-conscious viewers guidance on how to eat the right food—the simple way. documentaries, anime, indie flicks, true crime, food shows,. Anthony Chene Productions released a documentary called Beyond Our sight in 2015. The documentary focused on near-death experiences, human consciousness. It also focuses on the possibility of communication with other dimensions. It also asks the questions: Can we survive death? What is the nature of consciousness? Take the time to watch the documentary its only 51 minutes long Philosopher Dan Dennett makes a compelling argument that not only don't we understand our own consciousness, but that half the time our brains are actively fooling us The Conscious Resistance Network presents: The Pyramid of Power Ep. 3 - Big TechThe Conscious Resistance Network presents: The Pyramid of Power, a brand-new 16-part documentary series aimed at exposing the individuals and institutions which seek to manipulate..

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The guerrilla-style documentary follows three New Yorkers with a passion for meat and cheese who attempt to go vegan for six weeks and change the way they think about food Frequently Asked Questions. Got Questions? Here's a list of some of the most frequently asked questions. You can explore everything from pricing policies to available languages, how Access is different, what happens after a class, if Access is hiring - and much more Conscious Content Collective® is an award winning media company. Creating films that educate, create awareness and compassion. Conscious Content storytelling will allow you to see the world around us for what it is, and will give you the opportunity to share tools of knowledge with those who may not have otherwise had access to an opportunity to grow and heal These documentary-style shows deliver content focused on social and environmental issues in bite-sized episodes, so you can stream while lounging in your sweatpants this weekend. Check out our roundup of conscious documentaries on Netflix. 1. Little America

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Summary: What the Bleep Do We Know!? is a 2004 film that combines documentary-style interviews, computer-animated graphics, and a narrative that posits a spiritual connection between quantum physics and consciousness.Our brain processes 400 billion bits of information per second, but we are only aware of 2,000 bits at any one time - usually information about our environment, body, and. Being quarantined at home you've got a lot of time on your hands. While many tend to binge-watch vapid dramas and mindless reality television, you know you could be spending your time more productively, which is why we've put together this list of top-rated, health-conscious documentaries that are both entertaining and informative 2 million views in 48 hours. It's going viral. Out of Shadows is a new documentary from a stuntman and film director unveiling the horrifying levels of corruption that he uncovered whilst working in the industry for 28 years. It's a hard watch, and atrocities like this must be revealed. However, this documentary lacks the hard evidence required for the gigantic claims it makes. Please. Our non-conscious mind appears to be a parallel processor, whereas our conscious mind is a serial processor that can operate only one task at a time. The cemi field theory accounts for these two modes by first accepting that most brain information-processing - the non-conscious sort - goes solely through its neuronal 'wires' that don't interact through EM fields The concept of using quantum physics to explain human consciousness really took off with Roger Penrose's 1989 book, The Emperor's New Mind: Concerning Computers, Minds, and the Laws of Physics. The book was written specifically in response to the claim of old school artificial intelligence researchers who believed that the brain was little more than a biological computer

The Primacy of Consciousness - Top Documentary Film

17.5m members in the Documentaries community. tl;dw. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 52. Human Consciousness BBC Documentary Mind Science (2013) Close. 52. Posted by 6 years ago. Archived. Human Consciousness BBC Documentary Mind Science. Modest Mouse Untitled Documentary (1997) - A film of Modest Mouse before they were famous, who were filmed while recording their breakthrough sophomore album Lonesome Crowded West. Features Calvin Johnson of Beat Happening and K, Doug Martsch of Built to Spill, and even Elliot Smith In the book Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins, there's a hierarchy of levels of human consciousness. It's an interesting paradigm. If you read the book, it's also fairly easy to figure out where you fall on this hierarchy based on your current life situation. From low to high, the levels of consciousness are: shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger, pride, courage, neutrality. Consciousness has been defined as individual awareness of your unique thoughts, memories, feelings, sensations and environment.. Your own unique consciousness lives in a series of brain cells.

Consciousness . April 2021. Study explores inner life of AI with robot that 'thinks' out loud. doom-laden documentary about the future of AI 3 out of 5 stars. Published: 8 Dec 2020

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Here is a list of over 200 consciousness expanding movie's and documentaries that will assist you in your evolution - They are in no particular order and 98% can 20 years ago, a young group of social entrepreneurs joined a movement to change the world through the pursuit of an alternative economic model and practice of conscious commerce. Seeding Change is about triple bottom line businesses that consider the social, environmental and financial impacts of their companies and address some of today's most challenging issues Documentary Series About Consciousness Comes to an End with Latest Movie Share Article Path 11 Productions releases The Path: Evolution, the third and final film of The Path Documentary Trilogy Series

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